Daily Distraction: Celebrate Larry Bird's birthday by watching footage of him clowning opponents

Andy Downing

I inherited my Boston Celtics fandom from my grandpa, a Massachusetts native who had close enough ties to the team that he's still in possession of a note that John Havlicek left for him on a bar napkin back in the 1960s. ("Sorry I missed you, Al. -Hondo"). 

Growing up in the '80s, this meant that I idolized Larry Bird, aka Basketball Jesus, aka the reason I ended up taking my high school senior pictures with a 1986 Boston Celtics championship banner as the backdrop. (They are... not great.)

Beyond being unreasonably good at basketball, Bird was also a masterful trash talker both on and off the court (here's Charles Barkley recounting the time Bird drank him under the table), which is a skill he's continued to flaunt in retirement. When the Atlanta Hawks unveiled a new statue of the franchise's all-time leading scorer, Dominique Wilkins, Bird turned up to crack that it almost certainly hadn't been cast in a defensive stance. Savage.

Anyway, Bird turns 64 today, and to mark the occasion we thought we'd share this video collecting some career highlights.