Daily Distraction: Can you spot all of the Columbus businesses that cameo in the new Worn Flints video?

Andy Downing
The Worn Flints

"Don't Hate the World," the new single from the Worn Flints, opens with a bit of pandemic-induced computer exhaustion. "I stare at screens all damn day," frontman Kenny Stiegele sings, sounding like a man who has endured one too many Zoom meetings (sound familiar?). He then goes on to sing about existential dread and depression (does that also sound familiar?) before making a more hopeful pivot in the chorus: "Don't let the world destroy you."

This sense of optimism carries throughout the video, which doubles as a celebration of Columbus, highlighting local landmarks such as Used Kids, Wario's and many more. Give the video a watch below and see how many places you can pick out (while keeping your fingers crossed that all of these businesses can make it to the other side of this pandemic).