Daily Distraction: Lydia Loveless finally becomes a 'person who writes holiday songs'

Andy Downing
Lydia Loveless

Last week, Lydia Loveless logged into Twitter and wrote that there were two types of people she hoped to be: an early riser and a "person who writes holiday songs."

In the next message, she cut that list in half, posting, "Well now I'm writing one."

The result of that declaration, "Merry Christmas," is out now, along with an accompanying video, which you can watch below.

"I wanted to try my hand at a holiday song. Every year I intend to write one and give up," Loveless said in a press release announcing the new song. "This year, the only thing I feel like I have any control over is my creativity — so it seemed like now or never. ... It was a little spark of joy in a super bummer season.”

Of course, the song is more "Please Come Home for Christmas" than "Jingle Bells" ("Too late to say sorry, so I'll just say, 'Merry Christmas,'" goes one line). But, to be candid, that's probably the best we could hope for in 2020.

Give the song a listen now.