Daily Distraction: Elijah Banks getting harder to forget

Andy Downing

On Spin, released in 2020, R&B singer Elijah Banks favored a vintage sound that he traced in part to an early fondness with leafing through his grandfather's deep, sizeable record collection.

“Back in the ’80s, my grandfather was huge in the record industry. His name was Harvey Earl Lynch,” Banks told Alive last year. “We’d go down to my uncle’s basement and these records would be stacked to the ceiling, and I would ask my uncle how he got them, and he started telling us about our grandfather and that he had a radio station and was an executive producer."

New song "Hard 2 Forget U," a comparatively modern affair, could be considered the sound of Banks emerging from that dusty basement, the singer delivering his words atop a glitchy 21st-century beat. Emerging at the end of a year defined by the coronavirus and a new civil rights movement, the track hits like a needed breath of fresh air. "Right now I feel free," Banks repeats, which is an entirely welcome sensation.


Elijah Banks