Preview: The Booby Show

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Few body parts are as heavy with mixed emotions as the female breast. The focus of fetishism, lowbrow comedy sight gags, inappropriate stares and stiff FCC penalties, breasts are celebrated in songs and given countless pet names, yet are scorned when exposed publicly to serve their natural purpose as a source of nourishment.

Nonetheless, virtually all can agree that protecting the Girls is a noble cause. In that spirit, Junctionview Studios is hosting The Booby Show!, a group exhibition and silent auction fundraiser for breast cancer research to coincide with National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Proceeds from the silent auction and a portion of art sales are being donated to the Stefanie Spielman Fund.

As organizers Bryan Kossman and Jen Wrubleski explained, Wrubleski had her tongue in her check when she first lobbed the idea for the event at a Junctionview artists meeting. As the show became a reality and more than 40 artists signed on, the organizers aimed to maintain the sense of humor with which it was conceived.

“(The artists) responded because they liked the cause or they liked the idea of the show, and they were willing to have fun with a serious issue,” Kossman said.

Among the submissions are works that lean toward the traditionally figurative, such as Heather Alexander’s stenciled and spray-painted “Pin-Up Girl” and Molly Parker Smith’s “Thumbtumtatas,” a uniquely enthralling bust of a bald, nude, smiling figure with two triumphant thumbs up.

But several artists have opted for clever workarounds of the show’s mandate to feature breasts in each work.

These include Daric Gill, who contributes a hilarious bit of giraffe spot censorship, and Derrick Hickman, who offers “Sears and Roebuck.” He hints at the show’s subject only through the round, swirling lenses on a pair of X-ray glasses and the work’s title, a reference to the vintage mail-order catalogue that was the Victoria’s Secret mailer of its day.

Junctionview Studios

8 p.m.-midnight Saturday, Oct. 6

889 Williams Ave., Grandview