Preview: Keeping Time: The AM Cuckoo Series

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Time is a precious commodity, something that is saved and spent with the inherent awareness that each of us only gets so much of it.

Kat Marie Moya conveys its value with extraordinary beauty and meticulous detail in "The AM Cuckoo Series," a narrative of 12 assemblages centered on a recurring image of a traditional German cuckoo clock. The works took more than two years of the artist's time to create.

As Moya explained, "Visually, the cuckoo clock is a like a shrine to time, but in this context, it enshrines phases within [half] a lifespan. This applies to life but even the creative process."

Ticking through phases from conception to maturity, Moya's works display an impressive and expanding skill set – plate making, glass etching, woodcarving and more. The prominent presence of found materials adds a layer of profound personal meaning, even if their story can be read as universal.

"The materials could write a novel of their own," Moya said.

They include items she's collected from specific gravesites at Greenlawn Cemetery, the topper to her parents' wedding cake and relics from her mother's Catholic upbringing.

"These things she's been saving for years are loaded with energy," Moya said of her mother's relics. "I'm not one to box them up or keep them intact so they can end up in some estate sale one day."

Ohio Art League

Through Oct. 27

1552 N. High St., South Campus Gateway