Exhibit preview: A diverse and enjoyable group show on display at "Game Show"

Jesse Tigges, Columbus Alive

Since the opening for The Vanderelli Room's current exhibit "Game Show" occurred during the most recent Artists Wrestling League event, which took place on the Franklinton gallery's lawn, there will be a closing reception this weekend. The exhibit featuring art inspired by anything game-related - both retro and modern video games, a host of board games and some pieces focusing on playing cards - will have the artists who participated in the group show "in attendance and attentive to talk about the work because we weren't able to do that for the opening," said gallery owner Alicia Vanderelli.

Getting to interact with the artists will be icing on the creative cake, as "Game Show" includes a number of rousing pieces, each exploring the approachable game motif with originality, unpredictability and even a touch of eccentricity.

"This is definitely relatable and has a sense of nostalgia, which is similar to the 'It's Saturday Morning Somewhere' show," Vanderelli said, referring to the gallery's January exhibit that focused on cartoons of yesteryears. "But I also really like how some of the pieces are more interactive. I was hoping for this kind of variety, and we definitely achieved that, and it's exciting that you can tell who's inspired by video games and who [is] into … the games where you sit down and interact with other people."

Interactive pieces like Jennifer Bender's "The Game of Artist's Life" and Amy Leibrand's "Plinko"-inspired portraiture hangs alongside more unconventional and abstract works. Samantha Knight's "Guess Who" mixed-media work (pictured) and Jennifer Morley - who uses her synesthesia, a neurological condition that blends the five senses, to express the melodious theme songs from classic video games like "Super Mario Bros" - are prime examples of contemplative works.

"Game Show" is another group show at The Vanderelli Room marked by its diversity of approaches and subject matter, which will arouse a number of feelings and impressions from viewers.

The Vanderelli Room

7-10 p.m. Saturday, June 27

218 McDowell St., Franklinton