Arts preview: Urban Scrawl in Franklinton

Jim Fischer
Columbus Alive
Jennifer Bender photo by Rob Hardin

Making a large-scale work of art in public in the late-August Columbus heat requires a certain amount of focus. Jennifer Bender alluded to this when she created the poster for this year's Urban Scrawl, the two-day public painting (and more) mural festival.

“You kind of put yourself in a box as an artist, get in the zone,” Bender said. “Everything else goes away, and suddenly you realize you haven't eaten and you're getting sunburnt.”

The throwback underwater diver suit featured on Bender's poster touches on that isolation. But the poster also hints at the public nature of the mural painting at the event, while also casting the artist in a more public light.

“While a lot of artists are introverts, they're also curious and adventurous. They're explorers,” Bender said. “It's a perfect metaphor.”

Urban Scrawl feeds that adventurous side of artists by giving them the chance to make art alongside other artists and also in front of the general public, many of whom don't often get to see in-progress works.

The Franklinton Arts District-sponsored event serves the Franklinton community in multiple ways. Many of the murals are put up for auction at the annual Art for Franklinton event in the spring, which raises funds to support the Franklinton Arts District's George Bellows Grant Program. Murals not included in the auction are weather-sealed and placed on display throughout the community.

400 West Rich

Noon-10 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 25; Noon-6 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 26

400 W. Rich St., Franklinton