Daily Distraction: Margaret Atwood reads Saeed Jones

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Columbus Alive
Saeed Jones

Earlier today, Columbus writer Saeed Jones logged into Twitter and announced that he was "shook, shaken, and stirred."

The reason for his excitement? The New Yorker just posted a poetry podcast in which celebrated author Margaret Atwood ("The Handmaid's Tale") reads and discusses the poem "A Stranger," written by Jones, in addition to her own poem "Flatline."

In the interview, Atwood said she selected Jones' poem because "it's about a dead mother, and of course I've got one." "But also it's very clear," she continued. "So you get it. You don't have to dwell a lot on analyzing it. There aren't a lot of puzzles in it except the big puzzle, which is where do people go when they die? And as we say, it spoke to me."

Listen to the entirety of the interview via TheNew Yorker here.