Daily Distraction: Isaac Fitzgerald takes a walk with Maddie McGarvey

The New York writer recently took a stroll with the Ohio-based photographer

Andy Downing
Columbus Alive
Walk It Off

New York writer Isaac Fitzgerald recently returned to Ohio, where he previously walked and talked with longtime friend and Columbus resident Saeed Jones (and separately with this writer). This time around, Fitzgerald took a stroll in Cincinnati's Over-the-Rhine neighborhood with photographer Maddie McGarvey, who has shot for, among other outlets, the New York Times, National Geographic and the similarly prestigious Columbus Alive.

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During the walk, the two talked about everything from McGarvey finding her footing in photography, which she described as "10 years of being persistent" rather than a breakthrough moment, to the issues faced by women working in the field of journalism.

"Women journalists have been sexualized in movies, tv shows, and popular culture for years and years and years. Which adds another layer to it," McGarvey said. "So at times you might be getting it from the person you’re photographing, the environment you’re in, the industry you’re in, and it can be exhausting at best and, to be frank, deadly at worst. To use a heartbreaking example, Swedish journalist Kim Wall. That is the absolute nightmare. So safety is always on my mind."

You can (and should) read the entire interview here.

Afterwards, revisit our April feature on Fitzgerald, who discussed the genesis of his great Walk It Off newsletter, as well as the debt of gratitude he owes to the internet for his current career. 

"Without the internet [and the writing doors it opened], I’m a gas station attendant, for sure,” he said at the time. “Don’t get me wrong. I’m a charming gas station attendant and everybody likes me. And maybe in my older years I get voted to the school board, even though I don’t have kids.”