Daily Distraction: Listen to new P2I song 'When I Need You'

The rap duo of Jace Martin and Rilke continues to drop its guard on a heartfelt but cutting new track

Andy Downing
Columbus Alive

"Not so easy to be vulnerable these days," raps P2I in the midst of new single "When I Need You," a gently hypnotic, subversively cutting rap song that isn't shy about dropping its guard.

Of course, this level of transparency shouldn't come as a surprise from the duo of Jace Martin and Rilke, who embraced their online biography as an opportunity to invite listeners to "dream along right with them," which isn't the kind of statement typically issued by artists prone to erecting walls.

"When I Need You" continues these heart-on-a-sleeve tendencies, filled with apologies, promises to be better, and reflections of good times gone bad. "Been staring at old pictures from the golden days," P2I raps on the track, lingering a few beats in a sunnier past.

Of course, these admissions generally provide cover from which the two can lash out, the pair countering these dew-eyed memories with acidic lines that gradually engulf the past flame.

Give it a listen below.