Dessert: Johnson's Real Ice Cream Columbus Collection

Kristen Schmidt, Columbus Alive

Further evidence the eat-and-buy local trend is still on the upswing: a new collaboration between Columbus ice-cream classic Johnson's and local companies Sugardaddy's, Crimson Cup, Just Pies and Merry Milk Maid Dairy. Johnson's, a 63-year-old Columbus institution, wanted to satisfy customers' cravings for favorite local products, and the other brands were happy to comply.

They wound up with three flavors and a lot of demand. Matt Wilcoxon, who runs Johnson's with his father, Jim, said 1,400 pints have already been ordered, and the ice cream won't officially be available until Friday. The Columbus Collection is available by pint ($6.99) only in Johnson's outlets and in local stores such as The Hills Market, Rife's, Weiland's and Huffman's.

Apple Blueberry Crisp

Components: Just Pies' apple pie with blueberry-swirl ice cream and graham-cracker crust

Taste: The first thing I tasted in this flavor was the cinnamon, followed closely by a big hunk of blueberry swirl. It's cozy and comforting. This flavor didn't scratch my pie-loving itch, but it was delicious nonetheless.

Get a pint if you love: Apple strudel, cinnamon or rum raisin

Pair with:Cake cone

Salty Caramel Nutty Blonde

Components: Sugardaddy's Nutty Blonde Brownie Bites with vanilla-bean ice cream and salty caramel

Taste: Cookie lovers (Me! Me!) will appreciate the big, chewy chunks of blondie strewn throughout the pint. Sweet and salty are great friends, but here, between the blondie, ice cream and caramel, something more powerful could be astir.

Get a pint if you love: Praline pecan, butter pecan or cookie dough

Pair with: Sugar cone

Signature Mocha

Components: Ice cream flavored with Crimson Cup Armando's Blend coffee, white-chocolate curls, caramel

Taste: This really does taste like a coffeehouse mocha. I loved the crackle of the white-chocolate curls and the tiny flecks of coffee throughout the ice cream. The caramel flavor is there, but it's in proportion to the drizzle atop your afternoon pick-me-up.

Get a pint if you love: Coffee, chocolate chip or moose tracks

Pair with: Waffle cone

Johnson's Real Ice Cream

2728 E. Main St., Bexley


Johnson's on Market Street

180 Market St., Suite D, New Albany