Pie art: Humble Pie

G.A. Benton, Columbus Alive

Like other piemakers I spoke to, Tanne Walker revealed family played a vital role in her life and career. Unlike other piemakers, though, when I saw Walker selling pies at the Clintonville Farmers Market (she bakes both buttery and vegan varieties), our pastry discussion led to a short discourse on the Tibetan Book of the Dead.

That might sound like an unlikely segue and Humble Pie might sound like an unassuming business name, but these verbal twirls make sense once you know that, like her father, Tanne Walker is a Buddhist. Walker's study of Buddhism actually led to baking when, during a high school internship at a meditation center, she began working on organic farms and helping out in kitchens.

Humble Pie is a from-home, one-woman operation (if that sounds familiar, know that fellow traveler A.J. Perry has counseled Walker), but you might've tried these pies at Wildflower Cafe, where Walker sometimes sells desserts and waits tables.

Bearing an old-fashioned wholesomeness, Walker's Strawberry (from Rhoads Farm) and Rhubarb (from Plain City) pie stars a rush of tingly fruit that positively dances on your tongue. Gently embracing the lively filling is a thin, even delicate crust prettily expressing itself in flowers above and bunching up only along crimped and sturdy edges.

Photos by Tessa Berg

Humble Pie