Every day is like Oktoberfest at Plain City’s 1487 Brewery

This party-friendly brewery and restaurant serves up generally good, German-accented pub grub and house-brewed beers

G.A. Benton
The Spicy Bologna sandwich with tots at 1487 Brewery photographed on Thursday, March 31, 2022.

You can’t make this stuff up. While settling into a patio table on a warm and sunny afternoon weeks before spring had officially sprung, the song “Walking on Sunshine” began wafting through an open garage-style glass door at 1487 Brewery.

Yeah, it’s a corny tune. But as I put sunglasses on to better view the heaving plates of tempting fried food and huge mugs of house-brewed beer brought to a neighboring table, I started humming those relentlessly optimistic notes.

After laughing, my generally jaded tablemate confirmed that the earworm summed up her mood then, too. We’d have more reasons to hum soon as 1487 Brewery confirmed my rule of thumb that booze-producing places usually make pretty good food, too. 

Open in Plain City since late 2020, 1487 Brewery derives its name from the date of the “Reinheitsgebot” German law, decreed more than 500 years ago, that strictly regulated beer-making ingredients. Other German influences are apparent here, too. 

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That patio — part of the rustic, enclosed area is covered — is essentially a beer garden with a fire pit, lawn chairs and picnic-style tables. The airy, spacious and party-accommodating interior — which includes a big bar and offers picnic-style tables, too — recalls a German beer hall. 

But it’s a modern beer hall, where you won’t see servers in dirndls or lederhosen. And everything is ordered — and paid for — remotely, via QR codes and credit cards. 

This no-assigned-waiter system is convenient but not flawless. I learned this when I had to scan the premises for assistance after my jumbo soft pretzel and well-named, well-made beer cheese were dropped off at a too-cool temperature ($14.87, with zesty-sweet mustard).    

Schnitzel with potato salad at 1487 Brewery photographed on Thursday, March 31, 2022.

My served-hot Buffalo cauliflower wings ($14.87) — hearty lumps of crispy and spicy, lightly breaded, on-point vegetables — made a better starter. And they made an excellent beer partner. 

Thirsty visitors can order brews attractively presented in Oktoberfest-worthy, liter-sized, dimpled glass steins. That’s about 34 ounces, so plan accordingly.     

The helles is 1487’s signature beer ($10 a liter; $6 a half-liter). It’s light, crisp, lemony and food-friendly, but I preferred the similar and clove-accented hefeweizen (same prices). 

Prefer something sweeter and maltier? Try the same-priced dunkelweizen. 

Can’t make up your mind? Try a recommended, value-forward, four-beer flight ($8). 

Characteristically, the chopped Caesar salad ($14) was large, above average and used crispy bacon as its crouton component. Its creamy house-made dressing was brightened by lemon and deepened by anchovy and Parmesan shards. 

Cauliflower Farro Veggie burger with fries  at 1487 Brewery photographed on Thursday, March 31, 2022.

The schnitzel ($14.87 — a convenient and popular price here) was another winner. Pounded-thin twin pork cutlets arrived fried to golden-brown and crispy. They're even better with a squirt of lemon. 

Like most entrees, the crinkly schnitzels come with a side, such as seasoned fries or tots that drive home the kitchen’s skill with hot oil. Two other options were enlivened by cider vinaigrette notes: warm German potato salad (featuring discs of red spuds) and an above average sauteed veggie medley (broccoli, cauliflower, carrots).       

Those good fries and tots arrived in enormous portions with sandwiches such as the standout 1487 spicy bologna (you guessed it, $14.87). One of the best bologna sandwiches around, this smoky, spicy, slightly fruity and reuben-evoking triumph had audibly crunchy griddled good bread loaded with seared, juicy shaved meat from Lanning’s Foods (of Mount Vernon), plus melted Swiss, pepper jam, aioli and arugula. 

Lanning’s also supplies the proprietary quarter-pound bratwurst with nutmeg notes served on a pretzel roll with sauerkraut and chunky peppers and onions ($12, with a side). Once the sausage’s slightly pink interior was reheated, this sandwich tasted great but was structurally unsound.       

Peppers and onions were companions for the cauliflower farro veggie burger, too ($15, with a side). The veggie patty had about the same consistency as a standard black bean burger but, characteristically, it was crisper, better tasting and more interesting. 

Menu items at 1487 Brewery photographed on Thursday, March 31, 2022.

1487 Brewery

7620 Industrial Pkwy., Plain City