Greg Oden talks to Grantland

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Remember when Greg Oden was Biggest Man On Campus at Ohio State? When he seemed to be living a charmed life? When his most pressing problem seemed to be a Benjamin-Button-like tendency to age backwards?

Those halcyon days are over. The Portland Trail Blazers recently released Oden after a career defined by injuries (338 missed games in five seasons) and off-the-court scandal (those naked photos that surfaced online). After coming up one win short of a national title at Ohio State, his pro career has been a flop by any measure.

Grantland staff writer and Club Trillion founder Mark Titus played with Oden at Ohio State and met him a decade ago when both were promising youth prospects in Indiana. All these years later, with Oden's career in limbo, Titus sat down with Oden for a rare interview. It's a must-read for anyone who ever gawked in disbelief at Oden's monstrous frame and unwieldy talent.

Remember the good times: