Be a good (water)sport with these activities

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Columbus Alive

As fun as it is to emerge, slip and slide around in water, it's just as fun to take advantage of our collaborative knack for buoyancy and aquatic exploration. Summer is the best time to exercise that, whether it's by paddling your own boat, swimming with actual fish or simply getting in touch with your wild side and learning what that nature thing is all about. So let's get to it- here are the places to have water fun when your local public pool is swamped.

Rent a boat!

Though just about every state park with a body of water can get you in a canoe or kayak, you can avoid the venturing by hitting up the much closer Trapper John's Canoe Livery or the Scioto Canoe Livery. Both liveries offer at least three trips, ranging from novice to advanced levels, which means you can choose to row all day or paddle lightly. Trips start right around $20 per person in canoe trips for both places, and you might even be able to bring some beers with you for the cabrewing experience…

Trapper John's Canoe Livery

7141 London Groveport Rd., Grove City

Scioto Canoe Livery

675 OH-665, Lockbourne

Stand up on a boat!

Now, I would leave the beers at home for this one. SUP Columbus offers stand-up paddleboard lessons over at Alum Creek State Park on many Saturdays throughout the summer. They've also teamed up with Yoga on High to lead paddleboard yoga lessons as well. (That's right, downward facing dog will presumably be executed on a board, floating on water.) Lessons start at $30 each, but the experience-

if you have that sort of flexible finesse- is priceless.

Alum Creek State Park

2911 S. Old State Rd., Delaware (lessons registration)

Breathe underwater!

It's understandable to think scuba diving or snorkeling is a silly thing to try and do around these parts, being in the middle of the Midwest and all. It is possible though, and there are places all over the Columbus area that can help get you started on your underwater travels. Both Columbus Scuba and Aquatic Adventures Ohio hold entry-level scuba lessons (only $35), certification courses to get you to a pro-scuba level and host actual trips to real bodies of water so you can exercise all the cool stuff you learned. Doesn't sound like you? The former offers plain ol' snorkeling for the casual beach bum, too.

Columbus Scuba

4680 Indianola Ave., Clintonville

Aquatic Adventures Ohio

3940 Lyman Dr., Hilliard