Things We Love: Picks from Carolyn Bruck of Good Day Columbus

Abernathy Miller, Columbus Alive

Good Day Columbus morning news anchor Carolyn Bruck is saying goodbye. After four years at WSYX Columbus, the whip-smart California native has accepted a new position at NBC affiliate WCNC in Charlotte. Before she goes, Bruck shared with us some of the things she loves and will miss most about the Arch City.

Power 107.5's Misty Jordan

She kicks ass. Period. Misty is smart, funny, and beautiful, but most importantly she knows how to hustle. She epitomizes "going after what you want" by making things happen for herself. She's the kind of woman you would want your daughter to become. She started as a production assistant at Fox 28 before I worked there, and has since become a huge radio personality all through her own hard work. She proves you can be pretty and smart; you don't have to choose one.

The Wish Trunk at The Joseph

There is a decorative trunk in the seating area of The Joseph in the Short North. There was nothing in it, so I decided to write a wish and put it in the trunk. I truly believe it's important to write down what you want and put it out in the universe. I think women especially don't sit down and think about what they really want in life, so it's an enlightening exercise. I continued to put wishes in the box while I was walking my dogs, until one day I looked in it and all the wishes were gone. I told the people at the Joseph what I had been doing, and I think they sent out a companywide memo not to take anything out of the trunk from then on. They didn't advertise it or anything, but people started putting their own wishes in the box. One time on air I said I wish I had a Diet Mountain Dew, and when I checked the box there was a Diet Mountain Dew. I hope that continues after I move to Charlotte.

Lindsey Hauser at Jacob Neal Salon

She is an absolute miracle worker. She is the best at getting your hair the perfect shade of blonde. I'll tell her something like, "I want some caramel tones, but I want the shade to be milkier at the bottom," and it will just magically happen. She's very professional, and a salon visit with her is super relaxing. I feel like I've tried everywhere in Columbus, and she is by far the best.

K9 to 5 pet sitting

Lauren Binkley runs a local pet sitting and dog walking business, and she takes care of my dogs like they are her own. She's like Dr. Doolittle. Every time I need her she is ready to go, even on short notice. Every time my dogs see her in the park, they get super excited. I totally trust her with my pets.


I love hanging out at Avalon, because I always have such a great time. The owners, Scooter and Lou, are always there and like to have fun, so they make sure the club is always fun. Hands down, Avalon has the best service and music. Scooter and Lou are really smart business owners, and their goal is to make sure everybody who comes has a good time.

Biscuits and Gravy at The Pearl.

I never cook, so The Pearl essentially functions as my kitchen. If I could marry the tater tots at The Pearl, I would -and then I'd have an affair with the biscuits and gravy. The staff is really friendly and welcoming, so you can go in for lunch and hang out until dinner.