The List: Ranking the strangest Twitter responses to Trump's COVID diagnosis

Andy Downing
President Donald Trump at the presidential debate in Cleveland

Since returning to the White House following a three-day stint at Walter Reed, President Donald Trump, who announced last week that he tested positive for COVID-19, has resumed his usual rhythm of posting near-constantly on Twitter, occasionally absent any accuracy. 

Most recently,social media platforms censored a message posted by Trump in which the president wrote that the coronavirus was less deadly than the flu, which is demonstrably untrue and continues a pattern of downplaying the threat of the virus as we approach the November election. (Trump also received blowback for an earlier Twitter post in which he urged people not to be afraid of COVID, which seems like odd messaging from a man who just days earlier took a helicopter eight miles to the hospital where he received various experimental drugs while being attended to by a team of doctors, but I digress.)

Regardless, rather than the man himself we’re going to focus this list on a handful of the more bizarre Twitter posts made by Trump devotees, some of whom have approached the president's illness and recovery with about as much subtletyas this guy, who against all odds isn’t actually this guy.

Now on to the rankings.

The plagiarist and conservative hack took a temporary breather from retweeting every photo of Trump alongside the phrase “DRAGON POWER” to type out this QAnon-embracing nonsense.


I have a feeling this won’t be the last we see of Mr. Gaetz.


This either.


The Georgia senator has refused to condemn QAnon and recently ran a campaign ad in which she labeled herself further right than Atilla the Hun, whatever that means. (Was the warlord super into the idea of slashing the capital gains tax?) So it shouldn’t surprise that Loeffler made her way to this list by embracing a particular strain of the Trump COVID response that has circulated with jarring regularity in far-right circles this last week: namely posts centered on the idea that the president is somehow too much of an alpha to succumb to the virus. (See also: Gaetz at No. 3.)

As much fun as some conservatives might be having transforming Trump into a cheeseburger-infused incarnation ofthe Chuck Norris meme, there’s an ugliness to conflating masculinity with surviving a virus that has killed more than 200,000 Americans and climbing, none of whom lacked any requisite “toughness,” despite what some in the MAGA crowd might have you believe.


Very normal tweet, Matt.