The List: Election week developments currently chapping our behinds

Andy Downing
A common sight this week on Donald Trump's Twitter feed

One might think that since the election was called for President-elect Joe Biden on Saturday, our nation could finally catch its collective breath for at least a day before diving into the rest of what has been an undeniably brutal year. Unfortunately, this hasn’t been the case, with every headline and random tweet somehow piling on the anxiety. Here’s a rundown of recent nerve-racking developments.

Trump’s Twitter feed

In the days leading to the election, and in the week since, Trump’s Twitter account has served as a disinformation feed, with the president, absent evidence, making claims of widespread voter fraud and accusing Democrats of stealing the election. Twitter has tagged nearly every one of the president’s missives with a warning, but it’s done little to slow the doubt that Trump is sowing in the electoral process (and the very idea of democracy).

Senate Republicans refusing to acknowledge Biden’s electoral victory

It hasn’t helped that nearly every Republican in the Senate has refused to acknowledge Biden’s win, save for these four: Susan Collins, Mitt Romney, Ben Sasse and Lisa Murkowski. The rest, such as Ohio’s Rob Portman, have much more important things going on right now.

Rob Portman’s easily distracted Twitter account

Let’s see where Portman’s mind was as the Republic started to plunge into chaos on Nov. 5.

Oh, neat.

The term “legal vote”

Republicans forced this term into the political lexicon this week, and thenDemocrats promptly adopted it. The problem is that it fuels the fallacy that there’s some mass block of illegal voters out there, which plays into the Republican narrative, and which hasrepeatedly been proven false.

Steve Bannon calling for beheadings

A warning that things could still get so much darker.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo saying “there will be a smooth transition to a second Trump administration.”

It’s worth noting that the State Department is responsible for spreading democracy across the world. Maybe all of that coup talk shouldn’t be so easily brushed aside.

Every move being made by William Barr

See above.

The right’s movement to abandon Facebook for Parler

It’s wild to see some on the right abandoning Facebook— arguably the biggest right-wing echo chamber ever created — for what they’re deeming a safe space, particularly after mocking the left with that term for the last four years.

People sending Joel and Andy invites to join Gab

The Twitter version of the right’s move to Parler, with the added benefit of allowing us to reconnect withAndrew Anglin.

That laughing pastor

Strong “never go against a Sicilian when death is on the line” vibes from this guy.

The Trump campaign suing to block Pennsylvania from certifying Biden’s victory in the state

Democracy in action.

Lindsey Graham

The Senator from South Carolinarecently made the media rounds, calling for lawmakers to “do something” about mail-in voting before “we … lose the ability to elect a Republican in this country,” which sounds an awful lot like someone saying the quiet parts out loud in regards to voter suppression.

Mike Pence falsely taking credit for the Pfizer vaccine

Maybe COVID would back off if the Veep stared the virus downlike he did North Korea.

The potential election night White House superspreading event

Then again maybe not.