The List: Help us pick the first-ever Alive NFT!

Note: Alive’s editorial leadership believes that NFTs are a scam and wouldn’t know how to mint or sell one, but still, vote!

Andy Downing
Columbus Alive
Mayor Andrew Ginther with a mustache

What’s an NFT? Who knows! But people seem to love throwing money at them. And, like every publication, money is something we absolutely need. 

In that spirit, we’re gearing up to sell the first-ever Alive NFT. How, you ask? (No idea!) What will it cost? (What would you give us?) Are you actually structured to do something like this? (Absolutely not!) But it’s obviously been cleared by the corporate overlords? (They have no idea we exist!) So, what then is the point of this entire exercise? (Content, baby!)

Here are a few options from which readers can choose, though we’re also open to suggestions.

This photoshop of Mayor Andrew Ginther with a mustache

His approval rating would go up if he actually grew this. *Sees the news that Ginther lobbied for a mayoral pay increase* never mind.

The screengrab from the time Alive broke national news

The CPD social media post hyping a busload of violent antifa rioters is still live and uncorrected.

A still from the Dave Yost mask-burning video

I would absolutely read an oral history detailing the making of this.

This headline and photo combo

This would easily be the pinnacle of my headline-writing career were it not for…

This headline and photo combo

*chef’s kiss*

Alive-filmed footage from the bleakest St. Patrick’s Day Parade of all-time

The Great Depression feels somehow worse having watched this.

The Twitter post where Josh Mandel filmed a video standing on the former site of the Columbus statue

The opening seconds are art.

These images of a masked Ginther

So good it’s hard to believe these are actually photoshopped.

My pull-quote from this Ringer article on alt-weeklies

A proud moment for the bosses.

The image from the last-ever print cover of Alive

June 2019 feels like a long time ago.

Jandy Dowliphint

I’d say kill it with fire, but that would also be the end of this publication.