Staff Pick: 24-hour Science Fiction Marathon at the Drexel

Brad Keefe, Columbus Alive

I say this lovingly: Hardcore sci-fi fans are a different breed.

I was a pretty huge "Star Wars" fan growing up, but my dedication to that subculture is nothing compared to many. I don't even have a favorite Doctor.

This weekend, Columbus sci-fi devotees can test their devotion at the 29th annual Science Fiction Marathon. A mere $35 in advance ($40 at the door) gets you all the sci-fi your numb butt can handle from noon Saturday to noon Sunday. (Or you can just stay for part if you're a wimp.)

The "Star Trek" sect will likely have their tractor beams trained on "The Captains," William Shatner's documentary featuring his interviews with the actors who filled the captain's chair after him. The film is making its Ohio debut at the marathon.

Other highlights include the Ohio premiere of "Manborg," a giddy, violent throwback to "Robocop" with a straight-to-VHS budget, Japanese "Hunger Games" precursor "Battle Royale" and Brit alien-action flick "Attack the Block."

Drexel Theater

Noon Saturday, May 19-Noon Sunday, May 20

2254 E. Main St., Bexley