Movie review: We Need to Talk About Kevin

Brad Keefe, Columbus Alive

Disclosure: I got to see "We Need to Talk About Kevin" last December. And I've been waiting for Columbus to get its chance to see it, too.

As a member of the Central Ohio Film Critics Association (COFCA 4 Life!), I get these cool "For Your Consideration" screening copies of movies considered for year-end awards - just like members of the Academy.

The main reason I received "Kevin"? Lobbying for Tilda Swinton as a Best Actress nominee. An Oscar nomination was deserved, but Swinton was snubbed, a fact that has lowered "Kevin" on the film radar.

Swinton plays Eva, the mother of the titular Kevin (played by Ezra Miller during the character's teenage years). We're introduced to Eva when she's an outcast in her own town.

The circumstances that led to this are hazy, but as the timeline hops backward and forward, we gather that this has something to do with Kevin. There's something not right about him.

In the nature vs. nurture debate, "Kevin" seems to come from a position that maybe some people are just born inherently evil. And that has divided audiences.

I re-watched the film for this review, and I found it even better. Swinton is just superb, and there's a great mix of art-house sensibilities with some pop horror like "The Omen."

This weekend, you can find out for yourself. Finally.

"We Need to Talk About Kevin"

Opens Friday at the Drexel

3 1/2 stars out of 4