TV review: Suits

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I initially balked at “Suits” because I thought it seemed like just another lawyers-doing-lawyer-stuff show. Well, I was right about that. But a friend whose TV-related opinions I respect said I should give it a shot for the two leads’ chemistry. He was right about that.

Gabriel Macht’s Harvey Specter — I haven’t decided if this is an incredibly awesome or a monumentally stupid name — is Manhattan’s most slick, badass corporate lawyer, and he hires super genius Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) as an associate. There’s one problem: Mike doesn’t actually have a law degree, or even a college degree.

Harvey sees immense value in Mike’s photographic memory and encyclopedic legal knowledge, but keeping this secret means they both risk losing very high-paying jobs that they love. (Side note: If you didn’t watch the first season, free episodes are easily available online. But it’s not completely necessary to catch up.)

Using a combination of legal procedural (with a confidence-game twist) and buddy drama, “Suits” manages to be more than the sum of its one-dimensional parts.

Macht and Adams have a great chemistry as they bounce between swashbuckling lawyers and bickering buddies. It has made Harvey’s progression from soulless money/power/fame-grabber into caring big bro feel organic.


10 p.m. Thursdays on USA

3 stars