Movie review: Lola Versus

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Though they make up roughly half of the human population, women are unfairly underrepresented in terms of sex comedies.

This gross injustice is finally being corrected through television shows like HBO’s “Girls” and movies like “Lola Versus.” It’s like women’s suffrage … only with vagina jokes.

Lola (Greta Gerwig) is a 29-year-old grad student who can apparently afford to live in Manhattan, so you may already choose whether you wish to relate to her or hate her.

After her engagement with her attractive artist fiance derails unexpectedly, Lola goes through a post-breakup downward spiral and subsequent rediscovery. Also, she has comedic sexual relations.

“Lola” is a split decision, to be sure, but I liked a lot more than I hated. It helps that I’m a big fan of would-be It Girl Gerwig (“Greenberg”).

The screenplay — co-written by director Daryl Wein and real-life partner Zoe Lister Jones — sometimes plays like a journal. Sometimes that’s good, revealing some of the sloppiness that is real life. Other times the humor is of the “guess you had to be there” variety that tries a bit too hard to shock.

But there’s redemption in the final act. When Gerwig declares, “I’m slutty, but I’m a good person!” you feel her dilemma.

Flaws? Yes, but it plays like a female-centric “(500) Days of Summer.” I’ll take it. —Brad Keefe

"Lola Versus"

Opens Friday

3 stars out of 4