TV review: Anger Management

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I’m going to ignore the multiple controversies surrounding Charlie Sheen and his latest TV show to focus on whether it’s worth watching. It’s really not.

On screen, Sheen has an endearing a-hole charisma. But as with his previous show, “Two and a Half Men,” “Anger Management” suffers from a stale concept and lifeless execution.

Sheen’s Charlie Goodson is an anger-management counselor whose baseball career was ruined by a fateful outburst. Now Charlie helps a cast of misfits/stereotypes (gay guy, old guy, idiot guy, fiery ethnic girl) through group therapy sessions while being a caring father and sensible ex-husband. Making a joke about this being Sheen’s idealist self-perception is just too easy.

Then Charlie’s anger issues return, and he must seek help from Kate (Selma Blair), the only therapist who can get the job done. He also happens to be having carefree sex with her.

The “Anger Management” concept is flaccid, the tone is ineffectual and the (laugh track-infused) jokes are insultingly broad. Basically it’s scarily similar to what is wildly popular on the worst network sitcoms.

"Anger Management"

Premieres 9 p.m. Thursday, June 28 on FX

1 star