TV review: Weeds

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Columbus Alive

After a lame cliffhanger last season, “Weeds” returns with answers. Some of the show’s previous trademark cliffhangers were enjoyable and others loathsome, but last season’s (and the season itself) was the worst.

Thankfully, I will never have to endure one again, because “Weeds” is calling it quits at the end of this season. How creator Jenji Kohan wraps up the story of Nancy Botwin (Mary-Louise Parker) will go a long way in determining the series’ legacy, and I’m not optimistic.

I don’t want to spoil the resolution to the aforementioned cliffhanger — truth be told, it’s decent — so I’ll focus on how “Weeds” is coming full circle by returning to its suburban roots for this final season.

The premiere doesn’t contain much of the suburban satire the show became famous for, but if there’s not a return to what the series was best at, I will be pissed. At least [spoiler alert] El Andy (Justin Kirk) is still around to furnish hearty laughs. He’s the main reason I’ve stuck with “Weeds.”


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2 stars