The List: Memorable cinematic pool scenes

Jesse Tigges, Columbus Alive

It's kind of odd, but swimming pools are often featured in movies and have produced some of the most memorable scenes in cinematic history. Here's a rundown of the pool scenes we can't forget.


If you ever want to clear the pool and have it all to yourself, the caddies' descent on the country club pool in "Caddyshack" is the model to follow. Walking into the pool area and loudly expounding the need to pee just before hopping in is a close second (if you can't find a Baby Ruth). Disclaimer: DO NOT ACTUALLY PEE OR POOP IN THE POOL.

"Harold and Maude"

This darkly comic romance about a young man obsessed with death and an elderly woman who understands it, is filled with scenes where Harold fakes his death. The one where he's floating, face down and fully clothed, in the family pool while his mother calmly takes a morning swim past his "corpse" is one of the most memorable and hilarious - and is completed by a perfect musical accompaniment.

"Fast Times at Ridgemont High"

This incredible coming-of-age teen comedy has so many memorable scenes, but the one where ostensible nice guy Brad (Judge Reinhold) fantasizes about Linda (Phoebe Cates) emerging from the pool is the one that's forever seared in every boy's brain.

"The Big Lebowski"

There's not a real emphasis on the pool in this scene - other than Uli's comatose floating - but it does have a wonderful introduction to Bunny (Tara Reid's greatest role), involving voyeuristic fellatio and green toenail polish.

"Old School"

When Frank the Tank takes a "fucking dart in [his] neck," you know things aren't going to end well. But tossing children like Godzilla does cars and passing out in the pool might have exceeded bad expectations.


It's only memorable because it's the most unsexy sex scene in the history of cinema. There's so much sloshing, splashing and flailing it's like a sex scene a seventh-grader imagined.

"The Sandlot"

When Squints fakes drowning to get mouth-to-mouth - and an unrequited kiss - from pretty lifeguard Wendy Peffercorn, it's one of those movie moments that will stay with you FOR-EV-ER.

"Almost Famous"

One of the seminal moments from Cameron Crowe's finest film is when despondent rock star Russell Hammond (Billy Crudup) takes too much acid and decides to do a rooftop swandive into some kid from Topeka's pool. He was right about one thing though, "I'm on drugs!" are better, more appropriate last words in this instance.

"Boogie Nights"

Ain't no pool party like a '70s porn star pool party, because a '70 porn star pool party don't stop! (It might have something to do with cocaine.)

"The Graduate"

A simply perfect scene, executed with masterful cinematography.

"Back to School"

Of course the execution of the hardest dive in the history of man - The Triple Lindy - is going to make this list! It was the moment when America finally realized the inescapable sex appeal of Rodney Dangerfield.