Other new movie releases for August 24

Andy Downing

New in Theaters:


This story of a boy and his discovery of a mechanical canine that is actually a government-created weapon looks like some combination of “My Dog Skip” and “The Iron Giant.”

“The Happytime Murders”

A film featuring crude, R-rated puppets that fornicate and drop f-bombs might seem like a novel idea — were it not for movies such as “Meet the Feebles,” a sleazy, puppet-dominated parody director Peter Jackson helmed way back in 1989.

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“Mile 22”

“Mile 22” stars Mark Wahlberg, who recently purchased a local Chevy dealership on Broad Street. This means that there's an (admittedly slim) chance he might read this, so I should probably think of something to say about the actual film before I run out of space to say anything of substan


Did you ever wonder how dogs first became domesticated? Me neither! This film asks: But what if you did?