Party: Trauma

Chris DeVille, Columbus Alive
Anna and The Annadroids, Photos courtesy of

For a decade now, the Thursday before Halloween in Columbus has been marked by Trauma, the annual fetish party by Evolved Body Art and Kobo. That's still the case this year, but in a move inspired by the West Coast music festival Coachella, the event's organizers are doubling the freaky fun.

Just like Coachella, which is producing two identical events a week apart this spring, Trauma will bring the same lineup to The Bluestone twice this fall, kicking off Thursday and reprising eight days later on Friday, Nov. 4.

"People leave and they almost always say we should do it again so they can get a second dose of the night," organizer Jacob Wooten said. "I think what people were saying, though, is an every six months kind of party. I never liked that because if it's not Halloween, it's not Trauma."

Indeed, partygoers' crazy costumes have always contributed to the spirit of Trauma, along with bondage, burlesque, freak shows, dance, DJs and art. Signature performers such as DJ Moxy and Anna and The Annadroids are returning from San Francisco for the event.

Wooten, who has been a part of planning Trauma with founder Nick Wolak for more than half the event's history, has helped oversee an evolution that continues this year with the introduction of live bands - from avant-jazz ensemble Flypaper to industrious rappers Alleyes Path to omnipresent rockers Phantods.

There's so much going on at Trauma that even with two identical events Wooten is skeptical that people will be able to experience everything.

"Every band, every DJ, everyone's going to go on at the exact same minute each," Wooten said. "We won't be able to control if people change things obviously as far as setlists or costumes or other things, but I would really like to try to recreate it."

Proceeds from the event benefit Columbus Youth Guild and Music Loves Ohio.

The Bluestone

9 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 27 and Friday, Nov. 4

583 E. Broad St., Downtown