Lots more bands announced for PBR's glorious Megacity Music Marathon

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Columbus Alive

Since that super-solid initial lineup announcement, the PBR-sponsored Ohio music blowout known as Megacity Music Marathon has revealed quite a few more performers, pushing the roster up from eye-catching to eye-bulging caliber. Among the additions: an increasingly rare performance by Columbus lo-fi heroes Times New Viking, the farewell performance from elite indie rock combo The Lindsay, a reunion by under-appreciated Columbus indie pop experts Heavy Mole, an appearance by Athens Americana stalwarts Southeast Engine and Dan Auerbach's Akron cohorts Shivering Timbers.

These guys are assembling some of my favorite Ohio bands ever. I feel like it's 2006 and I'm graduating from OU all over again. The Lindsay breakup seemed inevitable after their slowdown in recent years, but I'm super sad to see them go. Their LPs "Dragged Out" and "Deep In the Queue" leave behind a pretty bulletproof legacy. The return of Heavy Mole, though it may never recapture the glorious moment that is their debut four-song EP, is nonetheless awesome.

Also, Megacity is offering the opening main stage slot to the band who can submit the best jingle. According to organizer Bobby Miller: "We're not worried about high-fidelity as much as we're looking for something memorable and original. Lots of artistic leeway here, however the tune should last no more than 45 seconds and it should include the word "Megacity" at least one time in it. You can go painstakingly informative with meticulous event details or you can just "wing it" and make a tune that you think sounds cool – we can't say that we know exactly what we are looking for, but as they say, we'll know it when we hear it." Simply upload your tune to Bandcamp and tweet about it with hashtags #pbrmmm and #jinglejangle.

The full lineup, with new additions in bold:

Times New Viking

The High Strung

The Lindsay (farewell performance)



Shivering Timbers

Terribly Empty Pockets

Heavy Mole (reunion performance)

Old Hundred


The Motel Beds

Homemade (featuring Andy Gabbard of Buffalo Killers)

Rob The Bank (featuring Nate Farley, ex-Guided by Voices)

The Regrettes

Connections (featuring members of 84 Nash, Times New Viking, El Jesus de Magico and Swarming Branch)

Time & Temperature

Southeast Engine

Anna Ranger

Outer Spacist

Moon High

Psychic Wheels

Hex Net

Smug Brothers (featuring Don Thrasher of Swearing at Motorists)

Forest & the Evergreens

Good Company

MESSRS (featuring members of Necropolis)

WV White

Slave Labia

Audrey & Orwell

Tree of Fern


The Happy Maladies