ComFest 2012: A new way to listen to local music

Chris DeVille, Columbus Alive

A team of local music lovers is launching a localized take on Pandora-style internet radio., developed by local contractor/musician Ryan Cox, launches its beta version for Apple's iOS this weekend at ComFest; an Android version is coming later this summer.

The idea is simple: Cannon aims to be populated with music from local scenes all over the country. The music will be aggregated by genre and geography for easy exploration. Say you want to discover the Chicago hip-hop scene or the Austin psych-rock community - Cannon will be your portal.

"I come from the local music scene, and unfortunately I'm not as involved as I used to be," Cox said. "I know there's such amazing music here, and there are all those scenes like this with music all over the country with music that I'll never be exposed to."

Cannon's playlist right now amounts to about 600 songs by 150 Columbus artists - totals Cox hopes to double within the next month or so. Bands can go to and submit their music, bio and upcoming performance dates. Users supply their own quality control by approving and rejecting music as it appears in the queue.

"For the time being, it's a truly democratic process," Cox said. "You can upload your content, there's up-down voting and the cream will rise to the top." will have representatives at ComFest's band merchandise booth all weekend.