New Columbus Daytrotter sessions: Way Yes, Lydia Loveless

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Way Yes traveled to Daytrotter's studio in Rock Island, Illinois last fall to record a session for the unique audio institution. It went public today, featuring unique renditions of "Important," "Money Fields," "Tia" and "Plastic Crystal Skull Spoons." It's pretty awesome stuff if you're fiending for new Way Yes songs and the remixes from Lefse's new "Walkability" reissue aren't cutting it.

The always-rambunctious Lydia Loveless also stopped by Daytrotter recently to record a second session featuring "Steve Earle," "Can't Change Me," "Jesus Was a Wino," "Learn to Say No" and "Allison." (Here's her first, which includes "Paid," "Things I Do," "Back on the Bottle," "More Like Them" and "Always Lose.")

As always, you need to subscribe or sign up for a one-week free trial in order to hear the sessions. It's probably worth it considering the number of Columbus musicians (Dolfish, Saintseneca, The Black Swans, The Floorwalkers) and major global musicians (Wilco, Bon Iver, Alabama Shakes, Gary Clark Jr.) in the archives.