Preview: Future at Long Street Entertainment Complex

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Although Future is not what most people would call a skilled rapper (“You got me wishin’ I speak Spanish/ You got me feelin’ real mannish”), the Atlanta emcee is pushing the form forward. Five years after T-Pain, it’s hard to believe a rapper could find a fresh use for Auto-Tune, but sure enough, running Future’s glum thug-life mumble through the robo-filter yields strange but appealing fruit.

On “Same Damn Time,” he sometimes sounds like an android whose soul is being painfully downloaded out of his body — this in the midst of one of the year’s most gleefully ignorant gangster rap singles. It’s unclear whether that effect will translate to the stage Saturday, but Future’s uncanny mush-mouth hooks certainly will.

Long Street Entertainment Complex

9 p.m. Saturday, June 30

40 E. Long St., Downtown