Music: Why does Rocktober rock?

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

We at Alive like to make a big deal about Rocktober. So why is so much music happening in Columbus when the 10th month on the calendar rolls around?

To a certain extent it’s because there’s always a lot of music happening here. Columbus has matured as a market so that the onslaught of major tours doesn’t let up from February through November, according to Scott Steinecker, president of PromoWest Productions and a three-decade veteran of Columbus concert promotion.

That said, Steinecker does notice an increase in concerts come autumn, particularly in October. PromoWest’s four Columbus venues (LC Pavilion, Newport Music Hall, The Basement and A&R Music Bar) will host 58 shows this month.

“That might be a record,” Steinecker said.

Although superstars can fill a venue any time of year, up-and-coming acts tend to time their tours to coincide with the release of new albums, which often happens in the spring and fall, Steinecker said.

Chris Wood, an independent concert promoter with Starwood Presents, also notices the concert business ramping up in October. Some of that has to do with the number of college students in this market, he said.

“I think the majority of the tours want to hit big markets like this in the fall and the spring, but the majority in the fall because you have new freshmen coming in,” Wood said. “I think it’s definitely about trying to get in front of as many people as they can.”