Audio interview: Action Bronson

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

The opportunity arose last week for an email interview with Vice Records signee Action Bronson, the portly, verbose, brilliant chef-turned rapper from Queens, in advance of his show this Friday at Skully's. So I sent along 10 questions and waited for what I expected would be typed-out responses. Instead, Bronson's manager sent me this recording of some dude reading Bronson my questions, and him answering in the most negative, annoyed way possible.

I'll have a written preview later this week, but in the meantime, you should really listen to this. It lasts about five minutes and is highly entertaining. Make sure to listen until the end because Bronson's answer to the final question ("What's been your craziest experience this year?") is as priceless as any of the great lines on "Blue Chips."

Warning: NSFW language. (Duh.)