Jams of the Week: Welcome back Stones, Reznor and Wu-Tang

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Columbus Alive

We're gonna expand this to a dozen songs this week just so I can jam in all the jams that deserve to be getting burn on your audio device of choice.

The Rolling Stones - "Doom and Gloom"

Just short of amazed that the Stones still have something this fiery in them, but then again Mick & Keef churning out a barroom banger like this is kind of like your grandmother busting out her chocolate chip cookie recipe. The rock legends' 50th-anniversary compilation GRRR! is out Nov. 12 on Universal.

Kanye West - "White Dress"

From the soundtrack to RZA and Quentin Tarantino's The Man With the Iron Fists comes vintage Yeezy that sounds nothing like it belongs in a kung fu movie. The soundtrack drops Oct. 23 via Soul Temple/Stax/Red, and the movie's in theaters Nov. 2.

Wu-Tang Clan - "Six Directions of Boxing"

Speaking of RZA, he's got a large portion of Wu-Tang (U-God, Ghostface Killah, GZA, Masta Killa, Cappadonna, and Inspectah Deck) together again for "Six Directions of Boxing," another track from the movie soundtrack. Unfortunately, no Method Man or Raekwon, and as always RIP to ODB.

How to destroy angels_ - "Keep it together"

Trent Reznor and his lovely ladyMariqueen Maandig have a new EP called The omen_ coming out Nov. 13. "Keep it together" reminds me of the more understated and creepy moments onThe Fragile, which can only be a good thing.

...And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead - "Catatonic"

Hamfisted political parody aside, it's such a thrill to hear Trail of Dead throwing down like this again. "Catatonic" shows off the breathless intensity and masterful pop touch that have been coming out all mangled since the monumental Source Tags and Codes.

Pusha T feat. Future - "Pain"

In which Pusha stretches Pittsburgh Steelers wordplay into a second line by calling himself "Hines Ward of the crime lords," while Future does what Future does. It's the first single from Pusha's forthcoming album, and it bodes well even if the former Clipse MC's rhymes aren't exactly in prime condition anymore.

Nightlands - "So Far So Long"

Absolutely tremendous throwback AM pop in the vein of Ariel Pink from The War on Drugs bassist Dave Hartley. Nightlands' debut album Oak Island is out Jan. 22 on Secretly Canadian.

Mellowhype feat. Frank Ocean - "Astro"

Always good to hear Frank, especially when he's envisioning rocking out with his cock out at the Grammys. Numbers is out this week on Odd Future Records.

Palmbomen - "Black Safari"

This hazy, tropical synth groove seems to be beamed in directly from 1986 then doctored up by The Avalanches for my eager consumption. Fader says it best: "there's a certain aged quality to it, like it was recorded to cassette and somehow transferred to VHS and then left to sit in the sun for a solid six to eight years."

Main Attrakionz - "Cloud Body"

Among this month's most exciting releases is Bossalinis & Fooliyones, the first proper album from Bay Area cloud rap standard-bearers Main Attrakionz. "Cloud Body" is an ideal introduction to the group's stylistic palette, and maybe a mission statement too.

Popstrangers - "Heaven"

The '90s revival can keep rolling right on if bands keep coming up with alt-pop gold like "Heaven." The New Zealand crew's Antipodes is coming out Feb. 26 on Carpark, so you have a lot of time to build excitement.

Angel Haze - "Werkin Girls"

We conclude with more nasty, hard hip-hop from breakout talent Angel Haze, probably the best new rapper I've laid ears on this year. Her Reservation is out now via True Panther.