Download Ill Poetic's new EP "Synesthesia: The Yellow Movement"

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

That new Blueprint album isn't the only genre-busting hip-hop release out of Columbus today. Cincinnati transplant Ill Poetic just released his EP Synesthesia: The Yellow Movement, and it's among the more stirring sets of music you'll hear this year. Though rooted in rap, the seven-song collection feels like one of those urgent funk and soul albums out of the 70s, marked by lots of walloping bass, walls of keyboard and thoughtful words about a tumultuous world. Moments surge like There's a Riot Goin' On, others glide like What's Going On, but it never ceases to feel like an ecosystem of its own.

Download it for a price of your choosing below. It's definitely worth your time. (And even though this stream starts at track 3 for some reason, skip backward and start at the beginning.)