Things We Love: WIN WIN's "Double Vision"

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

I've already handed out two Jams of the Week shout-outs to WIN WIN, the NYC/Boston "psych-dance" unit featuring Spank Rock producer XXXChange, DJ Chris Devlin and video collage artist Ghostdad. (Count 'em.) Now time to vouch for the full album, Double Vision, which is out today via Vice.

Lead single "SALT DAYS +" played like an, ahem, tribute to LCD Soundsystem's "Dance Yrself Clean," but it handled the, um, homage so joyfully that it was hard not to get swept up. The rest of the album doesn't crib so directly from James Murphy, but it does grab the baton where he left off, continuing to explore the intersecting realms of dance music and punk rock in illuminating, sometimes inspiring ways. They even throw a dash of Paul Simon pop-tropicalia into the mix, lending the album festivity and poignancy beyond my expectations. This is a pop album by men who made their names rocking parties, but it has little to do with the brain-drilling club music that's dominating youth culture at large. It's a music lover's album: artful and expansive, the product of throwing around ideas gleefully and executing them thoughtfully.

Double Vision is streaming at Rolling Stone, so you should probably listen to it before that free access disappears. In case you miss out on the preview or your time is short, here's a couple songs to get you stoked.