Staff Pick: John Vanderslice & Crooked Fingers at the Tree Bar

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

The double-bill lined up for Tuesday at Tree Bar is among the most appealing musical productions to grace the intimate space with the silver maple. Even if (like me) you find little use for Eric Bachmann’s post-Archers of Loaf folk excursion, Crooked Fingers, his co-headliner John Vanderslice is more than enough reason to rejoice.

The proprietor of San Francisco’s Tiny Telephone Studios, Vanderslice is among indie rock’s great living auteurs, bridging the gap between Jim O’Rourke’s deadpan experimentation and Ben Gibbard’s heart-on-sleeve emoting. His music feels both captivatingly real and downright classy, and he’s maintained stunning quality control during the stretch from decade-gone LPs Life and Death of an American Fourtracker and Cellar Door up through last year’s White Wilderness. The man is a national treasure.

The Tree Bar

9 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 6

887 Chambers Rd., Grandview