Editor's picks: 18 things do this weekend in Columbus

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Well, this is it. My last editor's picks as Alive editor. (Sorry to break the news to ya this way, but expect an official announcement in next week's issue.) It's been real, Columbus. As always, here's what I'd do this weekend if I could be everywhere all the time.


Mayor's Twilight Ride Finale

I'm on record many times over as saying night bike rides are my favorites. Add in the nostalgic factor of getting one last twilight ride in with the mayor, and I'm sold.


Go cabrewing

Or maybe build your own Slip N Slide

Or hit up a neighborhood pool

I mean, Saturday's weather.com forecast actually looks like summer! Might as well do all these summer things before it rains for another 48 days straight.


Travel to Athens for Ohio Brew Week

OK, it's not in Columbus, but for my money, this is the best beer festival/brew week in the state. And I'll take any excuse, really, to drive to Athens and bar hop sans college kids.

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