The Ultimate Columbus Playlist?

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Last year, as you may recall, Ohio laid claim to the Florida Georgia Line as the state's favorite band, or something. (What the survey actually determined was the most distinctive band in each state, relative to other states. So, basically, we listen to more FGL than any other state.)

Well, Spotify has now released a bunch of data showing the "most distinctive" songs in each state, complete with a playlist, like ours that's titled "The Sound of Columbus Ohio US." Now, again, this isn't a playlist of the most popular songs in our city, but rather a playlist of the most popular songs in our city compared to everywhere else.

So what's most distinct about Columbus, musically speaking? A bunch of Ohio artists are featured (e.g., Walk the Moon, Twenty One Pilots, MGK), and a bunch of country (e.g. Kenny Chesney, Jake Owen and, yes, Flordia Georgia Line), along with some indie stuff (basically just My Morning Jacket), rap (Lil Durk) and, uh, Third Eye Blind. The playlists are updated bi-monthly, so be sure to come back.

What would go on your Ultimate Columbus Playlist?