Concert preview: Open the flood Gates: Baton Rouge rapper holds nothing back

Andy Downing, Columbus Alive

Baton Rouge rapper Kevin Gates' candor stretches from his ripped-from-the-diary verses, which touch on everything from his bouts with depression to his well-publicized brushes with the law, to the more lurid details of his public existence. When he learned from his grandmother the woman he was sleeping with was actually his cousin, for one, he took to Instagram not to recant, but to assert his intentions to keep on keeping on since he'd "done already got the hard part out the way," which, ick.

The songs on Gates' most recent mixtape, Luca Brasi 2, are equally messy, with the big-voiced MC mixing chest-beating boasts with social commentary and jarring confessions - often within the same song. Witness the piano-and-string-dotted "In My Feelings," where his voice breaks as he rhymes about his nephew, who was born premature, only to tense up as he lashes out at organized religion. "Yo[ur] pastor lie to you right from the pulpit," he fumes, going on to suggest you're best off holding onto your wallet when the church collection plate gets passed around.

"The weight of the world on my shoulders," he confesses elsewhere, and the downward force only adds further fuel to his more erratic tendencies, making his next move roughly as unpredictable as the talking points at a Donald Trump presser.

Solo Lucci and OG Boobie Black open the show.

Newport Music Hall

7 p.m. Saturday, July 25

391 Neil Ave., Arena District