Weekly Columbus concert calendar: Aug. 23-Sept. 1

Joel Oliphint

Aug. 23

New Black Eastside Songbook at Natalie's Coal-Fired Pizza

Shelby Lynne at Rumba Cafe

Obody, Field Sleeper at Two Dollar Radio

G-Eazy at Express Live

Walkney, Pollyanna at Big Room Bar

Birdcloud at Ace of Cups

All That Remains at Newport Music Hall

Junior Brown at Thirty One West

DK the Drummer and Sucre at the Basement

Olde Frndsat Spacebar

The Mighty Troubadours at Brothers Drake


Breakaway Music Festival at Mapfre Stadium

WV White, Nothin', Wham at the Summit

YFN Lucci at Newport Music Hall

Agent Orange at Rumba Cafe

Desert Fires, Linden Hollow, Jessica Wabbit at Big Room Bar

Gus and the TV at Cafe Bourbon St.

Rockstead at Woodlands Tavern


Breakaway Music Festival at Mapfre Stadium

Paper Airplane, Adam Remnant at Rumba Cafe

Delta Sleep at Big Room Bar

Brave the Sea at Ace of Cups

Household at Donatos Basement

Katie Toupin at the Basement

Hebdoat Natalie's Coal-Fired Pizza

Mungbean at Brothers Drake


Breakaway Music Festival at Mapfre Stadium

Cults, the Shacks at Rumba Cafe

Sea Tone tape release at 2365 N. Fourth St.

Giada at Home with No Sound at Cafe Bourbon St.

David Olney at Natalie's Coal-Fired Pizza

Barely Civil at Donatos Basement


Monolord, Pale Grey Lore at Ace of Cups

Cupcakke at Skully's Music-Diner

Hot Tonicat Woodlands Tavern


Sam Corlett, Red Francis at Ace of Cups

Tony Monaco Trio at Rumba Cafe

Future Islands at Newport Music Hall


Jacob Sartorius at Newport Music Hall

The Hills and the Rivers at Cafe Bourbon St.

Fire Is Motion at Spacebar

The Moms at Big Room Bar

Mike Love at Rumba Cafe


John Vanderslice living room show

Letters of Transit album release at Ace of Cups

Time Lords, Smoke Parade at Spacebar

Forges, New Cult, Olde Frnds at Cafe Bourbon St.

Shane Henderson, June Divided at Big Room Bar

Mark Rhodes & Andy Shaw Reunion at Rumba Cafe

WCOL Country Jam at Legend Valley

label me lecter at Woodlands Tavern


Saintseneca release show, Black Belt Eagle Scout at the Wexner Center

Sweet Poison Victim, Calico Boy, Jacoti Sommesat Dirty Dungarees

Bilmuri, No Dice release show at Big Room Bar

Joke Jams w/ Travis Hoewischer, Lydia Loveless at Rumba Cafe

Dylan Scott at Sweet Corn Festival (Millersport)

WCOL Country Jam at Legend Valley

Molotov Trio, First Bite at Cafe Bourbon St.

Sept. 1

Suffering, Praying Hands tape releaseat Spacebar

WCOL Country Jam at Legend Valley