Daily Distraction: Get lost with Todd May

Andy Downing
Todd May

Last year, Alive documented the meandering path taken by musician Todd May's long-incubating solo record, which included an aborted deal with a record label.

“I signed a contract with this guy, but shortly after, before any real work had been done on the record, he took a job in Nashville,” May said in 2019. “He left and offered me to just rip up the contract and walk away. I didn’t know anyone else at that label besides him. I felt like maybe I should walk away. So it sat on the shelf for another year. .. It was maddening. Especially signing the contract and expecting it to be a thing, and then it goes away.”

At the time, May pressed about 100 copies of the album onto CD to sell at gigs, though even then he teased the potential for a more widespread release. Well, that day is finally here, as Let's Go Get Lost can now be found on all major streaming services, including Apple Music, which you can access below.