The List: Predicting the unreleased songs Kid Rock could debut in Columbus

The Detroit musician brings new album ‘Bad Reputation’ to Nationwide Arena for a concert on Friday, April 15

Andy Downing
Columbus Alive
Kid Rock will play Nationwide Arena on April 15

Kid Rock’s current tour, which stops at Nationwide Arena on Friday, April 15, kicks off with a video message from former President Donald Trump, who urges concertgoers to “make America rock again.”

The combination of messaging and messenger falls perfectly in line with the first singles released off Rock’s new album, Bad Reputation, including “We the People” and “Don’t Tell Me How to Live,” both of which sound as if they were reared on some combination of One America News Network and snippets of speeches by the My Pillow guy.

On “We the People,” the Detroit native lobs F-bombs at Fauci, CNN and mask ordinances while inviting social media trolls to “suck on deez nuts.” “Don’t Tell Me How to Live” finds him tackling subjects that have similarly been worn to a nub by right-leaning talking heads, including fake news and the prevalence of “participation trophies,” lines which are intended to be incendiary but don’t even merit a raised eyebrow at this point.

Political content aside, both songs are objectively terrible. I mean, just listen to this

Regardless, Rock has clearly cultivated an audience that wants to hear him repeatedly scream “Let’s go, Brandon” atop a turgid, riff-heavy chorus, so expect him to continue to churn out similarly, um, inventive songs in the coming months leading to Trump’s inevitable return to the campaign trail.

Here’s our attempt to predict some of the unreleased cuts Rock could debut onstage in Columbus this weekend.


“Hey Ho, Let’s Go (Brandon)”

“Midwestern Southern Man”

“Rock Salt (The Snowflake Song)”

“Real Men Call It Fake News”


“Corona Virus (Hung Over in Cancun)”

“Amendments and Middle Fingers (Good Things Come in Twos)”


“Jack and Coke, Not Jill and Coke”

“You Can Read My Lips (Cause I Ain’t Wearin’ No Mask)”

“Overslept in Woke America”

“We’re Taking Shots, But Not That Kind”

“Rock (Who I Am, What I Do)”

“Middle (American) Finger”

“Alabama Forever, Detroit Till I Die”

“Can’t Spell Fauci Without FU”