CCAD fashion show: Meet designer Tasha Naneth Bolton

Jackie Mantey, Columbus Alive

On Tasha Naneth Bolton's left shoulder is a tattoo of two leaves. She got the red one first. It represents a painful time in her life: During Bolton's second year at CCAD, she was in the midst of a divorce. The second one, an Aspen leaf, she got more recently. It represents re-growth after going through that experience.

"I really had to go through a process of figuring out who I was," she said.

Bolton has a similar sentimentality for all histories, not just her personal one, and it extends into her fashion design. Historical fashion genres are of particular interest to her - Victorian, rockabilly, diesel punk - and she interned at the Ohio State University's Historic Costumes & Textiles Collection.

"I have always been in love with history and learning about past lives," Bolton said. "In fashion I enjoy giving things new life and taking what used to be relevant and rescuing it."

This, however, has proven to be tricky territory in a field where "costumey is a bad word," Bolton said. "I wish that would change."

Seeing her vision accepted, though, and finding a design voice that excites and inspires her to keep creating, has been the most rewarding part of her senior year.

"Getting to express my viewpoint and having it accepted has been so rewarding," Bolton said, crediting her friends and family for much of her strength. "I've realized how amazing my life has gotten."

Tasha Naneth Bolton

Age: 25

Hometown: Fremont, Ohio

Collection inspiration: "Still Life with Hat and Collar," by Albert Henrich and "The Basket Tree," by Axel Erlandson

How can we see your artists in your designs? "I believe in the history and the roots behind the choices we make. I look to these roots for design details and inspiration. The painting reflects the era and details in a representative fashion while the tree sculpture represents the concept of roots and wearing parts of them together over time to create something new."