Shopping: Mother's Day gifts

Jackie Mantey, Columbus Alive

Moms: The only women in our lives who will love us unconditionally, stock the cupboards full of Fruit Roll-ups, do our laundry, and ask for nothing in return but the occasional phone call.

That's powerful stuff.

Alaina Shearer knows a thing or two about being a mother. In fact, she's been sharing her mom experiences since 2007 on her blog

She's gained a lot since then - national recognition for her writing, a loving husband, step-children, and a web design and social marketing company Cement Marketing (she is the principal and chief digital strategist of the Gay Street-based business).

We asked Shearer for her advice on what to think about when shopping for mom this weekend. (Sunday is Mother's Day, kids.) We also compiled some gifts we think worthy of your Keeper of Fruit Roll-Ups and Embarrassing Baby Photos.

Bottom line: Sentiment takes the mom-pleasing cake.

"Anything that the kids pick out or create is always perfect," she said. "The key to a great Mother's Day present is how much thought is put into the gift, making sure mom feels appreciated. I love holidays that revolve around love."

Shearer's tips forMom-shopping:

1) "Have the kids pick out a baby perennial or tree, a rose bush would even be good-we recently got one for $25 at Lowe's-and plant it together. Then you have this activity to do together, and every year when it blooms, you will think about that Mother's Day."

2) The promise of "a child-free day with a massage would be great."

3) Listen up, dads: "Breakfast in bed is a must."

4) "If you're at a loss, look at your mom or wife's Pinterest account. Nobody should ever have an issue finding something to give me ever again. All they need to do is just look at my Pinterest page."

Somegift ideas we love

Joyful Bath Co. bath salts


Kingsdale Giant Eagle Market District

3061 Kingsdale Center, Upper Arlington

Handmade oyster shell and sterling silver jewelry


T.David Collection

772 N. High St., Ste. 101, Short North

French-milled Gianna Rose soap and bird dish

$22 and $15

Happy Go Lucky Home

937 N. High St., Short North


BLUES by kyky clutch