Beauty: Three DIY manicures to try

Jackie Mantey, Columbus Alive

Here's a roundup of our favorites from the beauty blogosphere:


What you need, other than polish: Strips of newsprint and rubbing alcohol

How to: Paint a base coat in a light color and let it dry. Dip a nail into a dish of rubbing alcohol. Apply the strip of newsprint to the nail and let the rubbing alcohol soak through the paper. Remove the strip, and the words will have transferred onto your nail.

Tips: This DIY manicure works best with nude or white polish. Always apply a clear top coat.


What you need, other than polish: Scissors and tape

How to: Paint a base coat in a light color and let it dry. Cut pieces of tape into thin, long triangular strips. Apply the strips in any pattern you want with some of the tape hanging over each side of the nail. Paint over the entire nail and tape with a dark color. Remove the tape when the top layer of paint is partially dry.

Tips: Before you cut the tape into strips, put the piece on and take it off of the top of your hand several times to reduce its stickiness, which will protect the base layer.


What you need, other than polish: A dish of water and something to stir with, like a toothpick or pin

How to: Paint a base coat in a light color and let it dry. In the dish of water, drip one drop per polish paint into the water (use as many colors as you want; the more you use the more dramatic the look). Next, take the toothpick and draw it several times through the paint that is now sitting on top of the water. Put one nail face down into the paint. Keeping the nail submerged, use the toothpick to pull the excess paint away from the nail. (Otherwise all of the paint will stick to your nail.) Remove your finger and let it dry.

Tips: Apply Scotch tape around the nail before dipping it in the water to keep the paint from getting all over your finger. Regardless, come armed with remover and a Q-Tip to clean up the skin around the nail once it's dry.