Fashion: Keep it classy in the club

Brittany Kress, Columbus Alive

Scenario: Your friends want to go out this weekend. No, really go out. Like all-night-club-hopping style. It sounds like fun, but your closet's not feeling it.

When everything you used to wear out seems a little too trashy, there's definitely a way to class things up. We visited the remix-bumping retailers in the mall and devised a look that's just the right balance of put-together and fun.

Express skirt, $54

Really, the skirt steals the show. It might be gray, but it subtly sparkles. Plus it's nice and tight, but not too short - which is a good balance to strike if you're going to be dancing the night away (no Marilyn Monroe moments!).

Charlotte Russe top, $22, over Forever 21 tank, $4

When you've got on a tight skirt (and when you're trying to keep things classy), there's no reason to go skintight on top. There is, however, reason to go sheer - especially because that's one of this summer's biggest trends. Experiment to see whether the shirts look better tucked in or left out.

Aldo heels, $70

The test to determine whether a pair of heels are classy or not revolves around one main question: Can I walk in them? With these, the answer is yes. Question No. 2: Are they hot? Also a yes. The best part is, you're bound to find tons of other items in your wardrobe that will work with these.

Francesca's Collections earrings, $16, and bracelet, $24

Go for eclectic but coordinated statement pieces that are flashy enough to steal some of the spotlight. To round out your accessories, remember that when it comes to classy, more is more.