Beauty: Pride makeup

Jackie Mantey, Columbus Alive

As festival season hits full stride, we asked local makeup artist and cosmetologist Emily Blake Siegel, owner of Beauty by Blake, for tips and tricks for making makeup last on hot summer days. Our specific task for her: Create a fabulously fun look our readers can replicate for Pride. Voila.

Get this look:

1) Apply and eyelid primer and let it dry.

2) Using a stiff eye shadow brush, stroke black cream shadow from the inner lid up through the end of the eyebrow. Repeat with a black powder eye shadow.

3) Using cream colors first (try NYX Cosmetics jumbo pencils or Make Up For Ever packs), apply thin layers of color in desired order. Repeat with similar powder eye shadow colors, and blend with a dome-shaped blend brush.

3) To apply the glitter, pat a water-based adhesive around and under the eye (glitter directly on the lid can fall into and irritate the eye, which is bad news for a daylong festival). Use an art supply-style paint brush to put the glitter on the adhesive; there's no getting glitter out of makeup brushes. Dab your finger around the glittery edges to blend.

4) Draw on black eyeliner, and make the peepers pop even more with false eyelashes. Siegel recommended using waterproof Duo Eyelash Adhesive for the falsies so they stay put even if you start sweating.

5) For blush and lips, don't do anything too bright - try a peach or nude - so they don't clash with the eye makeup.

Hot-weather makeup tips:

- Apply sunscreen with UVB and UVA protection to your face and ears.

- Use primer before applying eye shadow so eye makeup doesn't make its way into the eyelid's creases. Siegel's pick: Urban Decay Primer Potion.

- Invest in a good cheek and lip stain (Siegel likes Benefit Cosmetics Benetint, $29) so the color does not melt in the heat.

- Instead of wearing foundation, try a tinted moisturizer.

- Mist a setting spray, like Urban Decay's offering, after all the makeup is applied to ensure that it stays in place - sweat be darned! - for up to 16 hours.

Try a tattoo:

If the rainbow eye makeup sounds too tricky, Siegel recommended trying a lip decal by Violent Lips from the Ulta beauty stores across from Easton Town Center and Polaris Fashion Place. The "tattoos" are really appliques infused with vitamins, so they don't harm your kissers. They last four to eight hours, and there are Pride-worthy options like rainbow and glitter.

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